Thursday, November 28, 2013

GdayX: Smart Ideas, Great Innovations

GdayX: Smart Ideas, Great Innovations
by Jeremiah Evangelista

The GdayX event last Saturday was a great learning experience on how to use technology as a great tool not only to connect and communicate with people but also as a gateway for expanding your business and establishing your brand in social media. It was a great opportunity to expose ourselves with the ideas behind success stories of entrepreneurs such as the different ways to use the resources at their disposal to make a really big impact on other people, the right mindset and attitude one should have when starting a business venture, and the right motivation to keep pressing forward and also the business strategies that big companies like Google implement so as to get the maximum returns for their investments.

The first idea that I took from the event was regarding Google’s business strategy and how it has become a giant business mogul. Their strategy was to focus on the user and all else will follow. At first, I thought that this should be obvious for anyone who is trying to establish a business. But the more I thought about it, the more I was able to understand that even though this is common knowledge to a lot of people, it is not a common practice. The reason why Google, Facebook, Youtube, and are ahead of their competitors is because they focus on their users above everything else in their business. These companies rose to the top because they deliver the best quality and substance in their products. In terms of efficiency, innovation, and simplicity, Google is at the forefront. We see that Facebook and excel in versatility and variety. Youtube brands itself as a great interface for video content sharing and as well as an excellent social media platform. Basically, I learned that a successful business starts with the users – the consumers, the audience, and the followers. We should not focus on what we want but on what the users want because if they get what they want, then we get what we want – a successful brand and business, making way for profit.

The second idea was collaboration. Google’s tools make it easy for people to collaborate anywhere at any time. This is also another aspect to their successful business strategy. In building a brand or business, we need to partner with other people so that there is a wide range of markets to reach and to target. Building dynamic relationships is one of the best ways to help make ourselves known to the public. I learned that when we are able to collaborate with people, we can make big impacts and we can make change happen. 

The last idea was to stay true to who you are. Attitude and authenticity are definitely important in business. This is how successful companies were able to succeed. Technology is always available but if it’s not backed up with a passion to succeed, then it will bear less successful results. All in all, GdayX was a fun, interactive experience.

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