Sunday, February 23, 2014

Creative Science Communication by the Mind Museum

Last February 18, people from the Mind Museum called "mind movers" went to our class and gave us a talk regarding creative BUT effective science communication. They showed us several tricks and told us tips on how to teach science in a way that is not at all dull but makes the listener/learner all the more interested. They said that by just using household tools, one would already be able to teach or even learn science. Their example was when they filled the plastic water tank with vaporized alcohol and put flames inside. This made an implosion and the plastic water tank compressed. It was really interesting and shocking that science could do something like that. They also said that even without any tools, one would be able to perform science using the body. They then made us dance/mimic the actions of atoms and molecules of several phases of matter like solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and bose-einstein condensate. It was a really fun activity, and I could only imagine how much funner it is for kids who visit the mind museum. It is truly a unique and enriching experience, and I think their creative science communication helps kids, and even adults, learn science in a totally different way. From now on, I will try to incorporate their creative science communication whenever I teach someone science especially when I teach it to my younger cousins, so that they will have a whole new different perspective of science.

Bea Lejano

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