Sunday, February 23, 2014

Curiosity and Some Fun: A Reaction Paper About Mind Museum Talk

Moving Minds to Curiosity was a talk hosted by the “mind movers” from the Mind Museum, a science museum located in Taguig, which was opened in year 2012.  The mind movers started the talk by having a discourse on the goal and endeavors of the institution by showing to us, STS students, statistics of the performance of Filipino students in Science courses, and enumerating to us ways on how this problem will be addressed by the Mind Museum which include: engagement, curiosity, wonder and show. After the background of the museum and the presentation, the mind movers conducted a science demonstration, which they categorized into three parts: with objects from lab, with objects from the house, and without object/with the use of the human body.

            Overall, I think the seminar was good. Giving us a background of the museum and its objectives using statistical data made their presentation more convincing.  Furthermore, the seminar addressed the objective of the talk all through out the duration, which made it smooth flowing and clear. Pertaining to what I can say about the talk, it made me realize that science can be approached in a better and more interesting and more engaging way. By conducting science experiments using household items and human body, organizing science activities for people to participate in to, and creating seminars with interesting topics that will surely catch the attention and engage the curiosity of the people, the Mind Museum was and still is able to address the need of educating people in the field of Science. Most importantly, it made us appreciate science as something that can be fun and not to be intimidated of and as a field not just for science geniuses or science major students but also, for people who are just curious enough in knowing things. As Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Erika Joyce de Luna
2010 – 06190

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