Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moving Minds Toward Science: From the Micro to the Macrocosm

The guest speakers from the Mind Museum have addressed their statement pretty loud and clear. Science is the continuous discovery of nature’s wonders in the known universe fueled by a keen sense of curiosity, a deep thirst for knowledge, and a passion for learning and relearning. It will further progress as man’s inquisitive nature is endlessly in pursuit for the truth with questions boggling his mind and waiting to be answered. Every day, we live and breathe science, only that we so often neglect its presence around us and remain indifferent to the benefits that we have gained from the advancement of it.

I am impressed by the way they elucidated the importance of science and technology in the modern world with such vigor and through simple experiments and witty activities that explained the profound concepts and abstractions that science revolves around. Not only was the talk educational but it was also very entertaining. They have definitely hit the mark in delivering the purpose for their visit which was to spark the flame of curiosity and wonder for science through active engagement. They made science fun and interactive as opposed to the stereotypical boredom of graphs, charts, and formulae that we normally would associate with anything scientific in nature.

What made an impression on me from their talk was that science is not merely a structured body of knowledge that allows us to explain the natural phenomena happening around us every moment. Beyond the textbook definition of science, they described science to be an attitude and a lifestyle and more than just a step by step procedure for one to arrive at a certain conclusion or result from a given set of variables. Science is more than a recipe for a dish or an instruction manual on how to set up a rocket model. No, it is pushing aside your hesitation to ask even the most seemingly mundane and stupid questions, firmly believing that even that tiny bit of information can lead you to finding out the truth. Science is being brave enough to admit that you have little to no familiarity to the world around you and stepping out to explore it.

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