Wednesday, February 26, 2014

There's A Monster in All of Us

People usually say the story of Frankenstein is scary. The name’s enough to send a chill down the spine. When I watched The Bride of Frankenstein, I began to understand that the story’s scary for a different reason. It’s not because of how horrible the monster looks, but because of how strong the thirst for power is and how far humans would go to achieve that power.

Dr. Frankenstein was able to breathe life into something dead and we can’t help but ask if it’s right or not. Even though many people would say that what the doctor did was morally wrong, we can see how morality does little to stop man in his pursuit of knowledge and authority. This is what science is about; it’s the discovery of things based on what is known to be true and not on what is known to be right (usually). In the end, we could create anything to satisfy our curiosities even if it’s against some morals.

On another note, I think that the monster was made dumb to show that the inventions of humans aren’t perfect. It goes to show that something will always go wrong when people are trying to play God. Another reason why I think the monster was made dumb was so that people wouldn’t understand him and would be scared of him. They would either run away or try to kill him with their pitchforks when all he wanted was someone to see that he really isn’t that bad. If the monster was portrayed as someone who could strike a decent conversation, then the townsfolk wouldn’t have a reason to kill him and would probably even like him. I would like to see that.

Hannah Dungca 

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