Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catching Fire: Through Fire and Flames

The film, Catching Fire, is undeniably a science fiction. It was able to present its audience with technologies that still are not present today. Yet, these new inventions are still within the realm of the possibilities in the fields of science and technology and therefore, could happen in the future. The specialized hovercrafts, hologram televisions, interactive training grounds and the game arena which can be altered by the game makers are just few of the imagined scientific advances shown in the movie.

 Catching fire is a film I can consider a commentary of the past, present and the future. In a way, the film was able to connect the history with what is happening in the present and showed what may happen in the future. In the movie, it is evident that dictatorship is the established form of government. People are being controlled that despite how they despise the way things are, they still are supposed to follow and depend in the government. But, as the female protagonist showed up, people liven up and started getting their hopes up. They started fighting back by taking action such as mass movements and the like. It is now up to the people what they are willing to give for the future.

Science, technology and society contributed to both the failure and success in the districts. Through the use of science and technology, people from the higher societies were able to create highly advanced innovations—specialized hovercrafts, televisions, and even a game arena which can be altered by those in charge of the game.  Yet, these advanced technologies were not accessible to everyone in the country, but only by the ones in the higher societies, along with the advances and benefits these innovations can offer. What made things worse is that these new technologies were utilized not to help the masses, but rather, to suppress them. Instead of taking advantage of the equipment they have to extend help to the districts that need help, they made use of their highly advanced technology to come up with a game to entertain themselves. They created this game as a way to manipulate the masses with a somehow better life ahead as an incentive for winning.

Overall, Catching Fire was a very good movie. It was able to give its audience both romance, action and science. Watching it made me look forward to what kind of innovations in the field of science and technology people will be coming up with. Yet, seeing as how complicated and devastating Panem still is despite their advanced technology, I just hope that people would not consider science and technology not as a way of advancing only oneself in the society and taking control of those in the lower classes but rather, as a way to improve themselves and help those who are need. After all, I believe that science, technology, and society go hand in hand, not science and technology versus society or vice versa. 

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