Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Fly

It was my first time watching The Fly, and it actually exceeded my expectations. At first, it seemed like one of those old films that were kind of serious, boring, and dull, but as the film progressed, I found myself watching really closely and paying attention that even the slightest noise bothered me. What was nice about the film was that the main objective of the audience of discovering why the wife killed her husband was revealed slowly, and it made the movie a whole lot more exciting and mind-blowing. The movie would make you switch sides, from believing that the wife was crazy thus killing her husband for no reason, to feeling pity for the wife since her husband became a fly. I believe that the film was also a way of telling us that science cannot do everything. It has its imperfections, and men should know when to draw the line between experimenting for the sake of science and violating the moral code of ethics. I learned from the film that while it is nice to help people using science in order for them to have better lives (which is why the guy did his invention), there is still a limitation to it and we must take everything into consideration since this could possibly affect many people. Just imagine what would have happened if the invention of the husband was actually used by many people. This could cause serious complications since the machine could go wrong in so many ways, just like how it made the husband into a cross breed between a fly and a human.

All in all, the film could be seen as a warning that men should be cautious with science. It reminds us that there might be great consequences we might not be willing to experience if we go overboard with it. Learning from this film, we should all know when science is advantageous, and when it could wreak havoc already. The fly having the head of the husband should be more than enough to scare us away from experimenting on stuff that we should not be experimenting with.

Bea Lejano

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