Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Fly

Curiosity killed the cat. That was what came to mind when I was watching “The Fly”. On contrary, I believe that curiosity is one of the greatest things human have. Having such a strong desire to know about things was the very reason why we know and have the things that we have right now. It is the very thing that prompted humans, especially scientists, to explore new discoveries in the world of science.

As seen in the movie, scientists conduct their research and later on, experiment to test their hypothesis. As for the Andre, he was creating a teleportation device. When he tested it, there was some sort of error. He tried solving the problem and fortunately, succeeded in fixing the machine. On the other hand, an idea came to his mind when he saw his pet cat. He experimented with the cat by placing it in the machine but to his shock, it disappeared out of thin air. His guilt faded as soon as he was able to successfully teleport a live subject after doing some rectifications. Yet, despite his wife’s request, his satisfaction wasn’t still on its brink for later on, he did what has been unthinkable yet, inevitable. He used the device but, due to an accident, his body got integrated with a fly, which later on became the very reason of his death.

It was evident that in the 1950s, science was a scientist’s key for fame and wealth yet, was portrayed as something dangerous—dangerous enough to cause a man his life. The movie showed how exploring science and technology can give way to a lot of undiscovered knowledge and possibilities while reminding us that there are things that should not be explored by man and should be left as it is.

Erika Joyce G. de Luna
2010 – 06190

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