Saturday, March 8, 2014

Imelda: Beauty, Charm and Power

I have been studying things that happened during the Martial Law. It is because I am a political science major and partly because I am really fascinated over the Marcoses. Just a note, I am not a pro-Marcos nor an anti. Studying politics, I already have an impression of who Imelda Marcos might be. Aside from the beauty and charm, Imelda Marcos indeed have the power to successfully lead and she definitely know what she had been doing.

In watching the movie, I saw different sides of Imelda Marcos. All the stories and controversies are discussed. Imelda indeed have the charms. It is something that is innate and natural to her. She can make anyone love her and that is one reason why her late husband, Ferdinand won his first presidential election. They are technically a love team and the mass love the concept they showed. 

Imelda Marcos is indeed beautiful. Her 11 days love story with her husband is one thing that I actually understood. Anyone would have fallen over Imelda's face and personality. Also, her singing voice is pretty much one of the things that did it. The movie presented Imelda as a lot of things. Based on her children (Bongbong and Imee), Imelda is an awesome mother. Based on her friends, Imelda was a star. Based on the people of Ilocos (the hometown of the Marcoses), Imelda was everything.

The movie is really fascinating. It made me laugh and feel a lot of emotions at the same time. It also left me hanging. It is not bias. It did not presented Imelda as innocent. It did not presented Imelda as guilty. It simply presented Imelda. And she's a lot of things.

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