Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bride of Frankenstein

Since “The Bride of Frankenstein” is a film from 1935, the quality of the movie isn’t as good as compared to the movies in the present time. The supposedly “horror” film came out as a comedy film to some of us students because of how “Frankenstein” or the monster acted such as smoking a cigar, drinking a beer, and being all friendly or “lovey-dovey” with the blind man who befriended him.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from the film is how science and technology can be used in a dangerous way by using it to tamper with life and death. There is a reason why the dead remains dead and what was shown was that the effect of resurrecting the dead can make what used to be a human into a monster.

Although the movie showed that “Frankenstein” can be friendly or become a good monster when approached in a calm and nice manner, what people seem to fail to notice is that it’s also possible that one of the effects of this experiment is creating something which cannot be controlled or even harm the human civilization.

Science and what it can do both amazes and scares me since I have seen in the film, even though it is fiction, that it has no boundaries. Also, the ability of people, scientists, inventors, etc. to continue on experimenting and inventing things beyond their grasp will never stop as long they have curiosity in their minds and can wait as long as it takes to prove their theories or achieve their goals.

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