Sunday, March 16, 2014


I'm pretty sure everyone knows who Imelda Marcos is. Probably, some know her because of the fact that she's the former first lady of the late Ferdinand Marcos. Maybe others know here because of her frugality and aristocracy. Even in other countries, she is known because of her fantastic jewelry, tremendous shoe collection, and fabulous fashion statement. But really, who is Imelda Marcos?

For me, what I know about her is that she's hated by many because according to some people, she is the reason for the downfall and for the bad decisions Ferdinand Marcos made. Also, many people despise her because of her arrogance when it comes to her wealth. Apparently she likes showing off and making people see how nice her things are. Although this is the case, there are also a lot of people who downright adore her. Marcos loyalists still worship her at her feet. Why? Let's find out through the documentary that sir made us watch.

The documentary showed the past Imelda Marcos, and the present one. It is said that she was really pretty when she was a teenager, and many handsome young men wanted to court her. Nonetheless, she still chose Ferdinand Marcos. They haven't know each other for that long, but they immediately got married. People said this marriage is solely for politics, but Imelda Marcos said otherwise. According to her, she really loved him and they had a fantastic relationship. Some people who were close or who knew Imelda were interviewed upon this matter, and a few of them said that Imelda was pressured into being this perfect lady, just so she could impress Marcos. They said that Marcos controlled Imelda. Signs of an imperfect marriage came to the surface. One further said that Marcos was not really loyal, he had no mistresses, but he had casual flings.

I think that regarding this matter, maybe this really was a political marriage. Because of the fact that they've only known each other for a week or two before getting married, it was too hasty and I think this was because of political reasons.

At first, the people really like her because she had this certain appeal. She was really pretty, she dressed nice, and she could sing very well. But then when martial law came, many people turned against her, saying that she and her husband were evil. Many people began to notice that she was too frugal, and so they started to really despise her.

When Imelda was being interviewed about this, she said that beauty is important. I think that self-image is very essential to her, and probably she thinks outward appearance is as important as the inside. She even said that the outside reflects what's on the inside.

She also has a seemingly different philosophy/religion in life. In the documentary, when she started drawing and mapping out several stuff and information about life/happiness/love, I really thought she was making it up? I applaud her for her creativity, but even the priest who was interviewed was weirded out.

Summing it all up, I think Imelda Marcos is really a complex person. It depends to you what side of her you will believe in, but one thing's for sure: it is not easy to understand her whole persona.

Anna Isabelle R. Lejano

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