Monday, March 3, 2014

Who actually is the monster?

I have been in love with classical stories since I was in the age of nine. Obviously, one of my favorites is Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. I love how dark the story is. I love the morals it has and I particularly enjoy all of its plot twists. Frankenstein is a story known to all yet not all of us know all the ideologies it hides. In the Bride of Frankenstein, another episode of the Monster unfolds.

It is quite funny how people actually judge on someone’s appearance even without actually knowing the personality and identity of the person first. Yes, the monster is indeed a monster but that is only because it does not understand things. Plus, Dr. Frankenstein never had the guts to actually act upon the responsibility of the actions he had done. Reading the book, I find it fascinating that a lot of people thought that the Monster’s name is Frankenstein. Actually, that idea made sense.

The movie is technically awesome. All actors represented their characters well. The visual effects are not even bad for a movie that was done in 1930’s. The plot of the movie is really fascinating. It was an awesome watch, in totality. 

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