Monday, March 3, 2014

Mind Blowing. Mind Moving.

Science is actually scary. Studying it was scarier. Hearing the terms: centrifugal force, pressure, nanotechnology, quasi-particles, polar waves and etc is basically scary. But the visit of these Mind Movers in our class is definitely a contrast to these. The term 'fun', 'excitement' and 'curiosity' are suddenly popping in my head while listening to the discussion and participating to the activities.

I have never been into the Mind Museum though I am quite familiar with it. I learned so much from the discussion. The Mind Museum should practically be supported by us, academic people and also by the government. It brought a new way of learning science and I am quite certain that these new ways are the best way. Mind Movers know their way around teaching students and people about the wonder of science. It will be greater if they will have all the support they can get.

Like a lot of people, I don't think of learning and studying science as fun. It is boring, difficult and not interesting for me. The discussion changed all that. The Mind Movers demonstrated a lot of scientific experiments in ways that will surely engage all of the audiences or viewers. It is fun and even people who think that science is not worth the time will be interested.

Science is really a topic that is not favored by everyone. Yet it is a topic that is necessary in our lives. It is obviously important not only us, scholars but also in the whole of society. The Mind Museum introduced a really fun, entertaining and engaging way of teaching it. It is a way that is definitely mind moving and at the same time mind blowing.

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