Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Mind Museum

It was interesting to see the different experiments that can be conducted at home using only household products which you use every day. In my opinion, it would be very effective if science was taught in a lively and enjoyable manner like what we experienced during the lecture where activities were done by the speakers which included the participation of the students.

It will give the chance for students to learn science from a different perspective other than only through a series of lectures. It will also give the chance for the students to participate more or be more interested in the lectures.

I haven’t been able to go to the Mind Museum, but based on the background/information given by the speakers, I think that it would become a wonderful experience for children/students to go there because of the activities which they do and the inventions they showcase.

I am intrigued by the classes they conduct which allow anyone who is interested to join such as summer science camps where you can learn how to investigate and the like. When I get the chance to, I would love to visit the Mind Museum so I can explore what else they offer myself.

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