Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reaction Paper on Mind Museum Lecture

          If you ask children what their favourite subject is, most would answer science. However, as they enter primary school towards high school, there seems to be a decline in their interest, particularly because science instruction has transformed from magic to concepts and theories to memorize.
          This is what the Mind Museum is trying to revive – science as magic. I was genuinely surprised when the speakers revealed that they were actual science practitioners and not merely runners of kiddie shows because we grown-ups basically believe that science is locked up in labs, exclusive only to those who can, if not locked away in textbooks.
          When they showed us a few experiments, after such a long time, the science-curious child in me came out, anticipating the magic, and there it was as we all watched wide-eyed. That attempt to bring science down from its ivory tower was successful without undermining the actual understanding and appreciation that near-adults could get.

          This is actually a manifestation of the larger problem that disciplines are in, most especially science. It is almost automatic that once higher education comes into the picture, science becomes less accessible, less stimulating, less comprehensible not because it is but the current educational system frames it so. I do admire those who opt to study the natural sciences for further study, but as long as it does not foster a more resonant call for younger students to take consistent interest, the future of science is uncertain.

Christine Joy L. Galunan

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