Friday, March 7, 2014

The Convergence of Art and Science

In the Renaissance era, the rebirth of classical ideas, empiricism, and humanism, great individuals sprung forth on the streets of Florence and made great contributions to the history of man and to the appreciation of both art and the humanities along with science and technological innovation. The concept of the universal man was born and became evident through the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo. We have seen that such intellectuals not only focused on one body of knowledge but proliferated the esteem for both arts and sciences. They even used measurements and particular patterns that we see in nature and applied them to their artwork. So we see that these two fields are not necessarily different from each other and may as well complement one another.

Therefore, it is possible even for music and science to collaborate with each other to increase our appreciation of both. There have even been studies that show the relationship between music, specifically classical music as it is referred to as the Mozart Effect, and the stimulation of different parts in the child's brain and thought processes.

With regard to certain music that have been written based on scientific concepts or anything related to science, I do think that it is a quirky idea and a really fun hobby to be interested in. Perhaps, it may even be a pathway for people who have no interest in the sciences so that they may understand even the most basic concepts and areas of study in the sciences. I believe that science may also be an inspiration for some musicians and singers to express certain feelings or emotion or ideas so it also helpful to have a bit of knowledge and skill in both.

Out of the list of songs that have been written in conjunction with scientific concepts and ideas, I think that the most contemporary and the most relatable for the modern age and for this generation would be the theme song of the show, The Big Bang Theory, due to its fast-paced rhythm and general wittiness connected with the genre of the show being comedy. I would say that it was well-written and really shows how a good grasp of fundamental scientific concepts and a knack for music when merged can create something unique and can appeal to people of both worlds.

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