Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Trip to the Moon: A Brilliant Masterpiece of Illusion and Imagination

Seeing moving pictures on a screen for the first time certainly gave me the impression that perhaps even the impossible could be made possible. It was magic!

This wonderful work of art created by Georges Melies can be best described as truly revolutionary which may very well change the course of history entirely. I say that this work is revolutionary because I could never have imagined that one can make such effects and illusions on cinema. I had no idea that his techniques and concepts would make such impact.

After viewing this film, I am left utterly mesmerized of the feat that such an invention has allowed us to achieve and I can say with all certainty that we are definitely moving on to greater innovations that would pave the way toward improving the quality of art and culture in our society. I also believe that as new technologies are developed, our perspective and understanding of the world around us becomes more nuanced as we learn to accept the possibilities of the unknown thus adding depth and substance to what is known.

This masterpiece is so intriguing, fascinating, and imaginative because it gives the illusion that you are on another world, traveling with the characters you watch on the screen and you are taken on this adventure to a different dimension. For one to appreciate this film, it would take a great amount of boldness to step outside the bounds of reality and enter the realms of fantasy and imagination.

With regard to the element of plot portrayed in this film, I do believe that it is consistent with the essence of this innovation and its innovator. The stream of thought is clear while the creativity of its execution is superb. Just as the mystery and potential of motion picture is continually being unraveled to the people of this time, so does the story try to explore and elucidate the endless possibilities that behold us in our world and the universe.

The film clearly tries to depict the environment of the moon’s surface something we do not know for certain but this I believe is where we must step outside the boundaries of reality and try to see with the mind through our imagination what the heavenly bodies and other objects outside our own world may look like. The way that Georges Melies has shown it through his work is phenomenal.

What fascinates me more is not only that he was able to create illusions and special effects or that he was able to explore and discover what is unknown but that he is able to piece together several elements to form one meaningful picture of the reality of life. I have seen through this film that there is more that we can see and experience in life and at times we need to use our imagination to think outside the box so as to move forward in reality.

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