Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trip To The Moon

                 A Trip to the Moon is a film made decades ago. It was directed and produced by George Melies in the 1900s. It was about a group of astronomers that decided to travel to the Moon.

                Watching this film for the first time will be so enjoying. I can feel the hype and excitement of all the people watching with me. The instrumentals in the movie are fascinating. It was color-ed though most of the films at that time was on black-and-white.

                The whole plot of the movie is actually amusing. A group of scholars, probably astronomers, decided on a quest to explore the Moon. The music of the movie, for me is one of the things that gave the whole film a good vibe. I love how exaggerating the actors are. One fascinating part of the movie is when the group of astronomers were abducted by the ‘aliens’ living in the Moon. This part is probably the most entertaining. Fortunately, the protagonists were able to escape and go back to the Earth.

                The film shows a lot of technology and science in it. It showed how some engineers build the rocket that the group of astronomers used to fly to the moon. At the start of the film, it showed how the group of astronomers and their teacher discussed their intentions on the trip. The movie showed me a lot of things and I have learnt a lot of lessons on it.

Joana Marie Garcia
2013 - 16420

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