Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trip to the Moon Reaction Paper

If I were present in the first screening of the film Trip to the Moon, I would probably have been so amazed by it since it was one of the earliest films back then. Even though it was actually not that impressive judging from the cinematography and the plot, it would have probably been one of the best films back then, because there were not many films to compare this to in the earlier days, and the equipment that is needed to produce a brilliant movie was not available yet back in the day.

Even though I would have been amazed by this film, I might be a little confused as well. Seeing as it is a silent film, extra attention is needed to get the message or the essence of the film. There are some parts wherein you just don't know what they are doing anymore, so it is essential to criticize and analyze their actions in order to know what the significance of a certain scene in the movie is.

All in all though, I probably would have been amazed by the film just for the reason that it's one of the earliest films back then and there were only few films to watch in the olden days. But at the same time, I would probably have been quite disappointed as well since the film was not that deep; it did not require special cinematography and literary aspects. I would have probably been quite bored at some point too since I am not a fan of silent films.

Bea Lejano

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