Sunday, January 19, 2014

Adaptation: All The Time

Watching this episode or film gave me a really rare experience. The whole episode gave me a lot, like really, a lot of emotions. I absolutely do not know if I will be sad, depressed, and mad or will laugh myself to death at this movie. As I said, my whole existence just does not know what to feel about this film. It literally jumbled all the emotions I can experience.

If I will do an adaptation for ‘All The Time’ I will make it more adventurous. And the whole film will involve a lot of action. I will choose the same setting as the original. Society hated everything that have to do with literature or learning and that will make our protagonist Henry Bemis, so unique. All will be the same as in the original before the bombing happened.

Instead of Henry, being so miserable because he feels so alone he will collect all the weapons he can find. Henry Bemis is not so innocent after all. He’s a bad ass retired spy that can kick anyone’s guts. So here goes Henry, wondering through the city, a city now destructed. On his way through a grocery because he’s already hungry he found a still alive man. He will help it but the man is already dying. So Henry will just ask the man all the information he can get to know how the bombing did happened. The guy will explain everything he knows and he’ll soon die after it. Henry has figured it out that there is a conspiracy that caused all the destruction.

Henry will be the typical heroic protagonist. But he’s still this bibliophile and bookworm guy. So he was still freaking excited when he found the Public Library. As he enjoys the company of the books, he saw a flock of armed soldiers coming in his way. He will hide but he already has a theory that those soldiers are enemies and they are also going to destroy all the books in the library. Henry won’t allow that. He will fight. So with the two guns he found, Henry already has set it in his mind. He’s going to fight all these men.

Henry successfully won the fight. Those soldiers are just few in number and they are a bit surprised to see someone that is still alive in that city. But in the war, Henry dropped his eye glasses.  Now, he is not able to see clearly. And he won’t notice that one enemy is still alive. So Henry will be shot from the back. He will shoot his gun back and was able to kill the man who shot him. But Henry Bemis is dying too. And the film ends.

Joana Marie Garcia
2013 - 16420

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