Friday, January 24, 2014

Time Travel: The Truth

Time Travel: The Truth is a documentary about time travelling. This documentary was a 45-minute video presenting the possibility of time travelling. Experts on the different fields of science posited their theories regarding the matter, giving their own take on the different ways to make time travelling possible.

The insights the documentary presented were both interesting and peculiar to me. The documentary, before discussing the possibility of time travelling, gave its audience a little background with the very important element in the topic of time travelling which is time. What time is, the misconceptions of people about it, it being a 4th dimension, and it being something that people can actually manipulate are just few of the things included in the discourse. Right after the orientation with the concept of time, the documentary presented the different theories of different experts in the field of science about what can be done to make time travelling possible. The video presented the theories and ideas of the individuals knowledgeable of the matter at hand and explained how they came up with those concepts. In the end of the video, it summarized the possibility of the time travelling while giving a reminder to us that such an event can be risky, thus comes with consequences.

Time travelling is one of the things each one of us anticipates, as reflected to the number of sci-fi movies about time travelling. As humans, there are decisions and happenings in our life that would make us want to travel back in time and correct them or undo something to prevent them from happening—a typical nature of beings like us. Yet, here are just some things that we should just learn to accept and live with. I believe that there are just things we, humans, should not tamper with. Whatever reasons we have, how logical they may seem. We may have the knowledge, not now but in the near future, to manipulate time and to alter time which can allow time travel to happen but, I still believe that there should be boundaries in nature that must not be crossed. Such discovery and success might be a big breakthrough but, I sure do know that such a big success would also cause consequences to us.

Erika Joyce de Luna

2010 – 06190 

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