Friday, January 3, 2014

The Fly

            There’s nothing more blissful than knowing that instead of discussing lessons, your class will actually take the whole period watching a film. The Fly is an American science fiction-horror film. The caption for the movie is, “Once it was human – even as you and I.” It was a 1958 film so I was eagerly excited to know what films are like at that time.

            The film showed how technology and science decades ago. It was about a scientist named Andre Delambre. Andre has been working for transporter device called dis-integrator-integrator. He starts with transporting small objects proudly presenting it to his wife, Helene. He eventually proceeds to transporting living creatures from their pet cat up to a guinea pig. After noticing the success of his project, Andre proceeds on working on a human sized chamber for the transporter.

            The climax of the movie starts when Helene found out what happened to Andre after days on not going out of their basement lab. It is discovered that Andre tried to transport himself but a fly also got stuck inside the chamber. Because of what happened, Andre’s and the fly’s atoms mixed causing Andre to have the fly’s head and arm.  In order to get his body back to normal, Andre needs his wife to find the fly with a white head.

            The movie is interesting and has the right amount of thrill that every one of the audience will love though it is a bit ‘corny’ for some parts.  I also learned a bit from the science and technology five to six decades ago in the movie. In totality, watching the movie was a great experience.

Joana Marie Garcia

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