Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Thoughts on Time Travel

When I was younger, I had imagined the feeling of going back through time and reliving the past and often reminiscing about the good moments and wanting to transport myself back to those times. I imagined how I would react when I see myself after traveling back through time and what advice I would give myself to make the best out of every moment and to avoid any bad moments that I faced. But now, I know within myself that I would not be going back to the past because I resolved that there are reasons why certain things happen in my life and I cannot go back through time to change the events. I simply have no intention anymore to try and recreate the moments when I felt humiliated or when I knew I could have done better because in those moments when I made mistakes, I learned important life lessons that helped me to become a better person and these memorable experiences are the reasons why reflecting on them gives me more insight and understanding about life in general and why looking back to the past can be enriching and enlightening.

Although some people believe that time travel may be possible, I have resolved to close myself to the thought of going back through time because I believe that everything happens for a reason and everything happens in its own time. I believe that we cannot change the past and we can never know what might have happened if we did one thing over another but what I do believe is that we have the choice to learn from our mistakes and move forward with the knowledge we have acquired from both good and bad moments that we have experienced. I also have the same sentiments for traveling into the future. Nobody really knows what the future holds for me or for anyone else. We can try to predict what might happen and we can try to control the results of our lives but at the end of the day, the future is subject to many external factors, most of which are beyond our control. So, I think that time travel would diminish the quality or value of certain experiences in our past and the consequences are just too grave to even think about. I believe that the best we can do is to live our lives to the full today by making the right choices and finding the right focus for our lives.

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