Monday, January 27, 2014

Putting Cancer Into Perspective

Listening to the documentary, “The Rhetoric of Cancer,” I identify with the narrator in that society today regards cancer as a death sentence or a ticking time bomb which, when detonated, would mean the end of someone’s life as if there is only a slim chance for success in treating cancer and this thought completely obliterates any hope for the person afflicted with this disease and so comes the association with military language such as ‘victim’, ‘war’, and ‘battling’, and such attitude as being brave and toughening one’s self to overcome this civil war raging inside the body.

I believe that our view of certain diseases, such as cancer, have been too pessimistic and too defeatist in that we make a mountain of a mole hill. Although, do not get me wrong, cancer is still a disease but it does not mean that cancer is incurable. Having witnessed some of my relatives deal with and ultimately come out victorious and very much alive from cancer, I believe that there is no disease too grave or too complicated when we have faith in Jesus Christ and pray to Him without ceasing to bring life and healing to us. I realize that cancer, or any other disease for that matter, can be viewed as an opportunity for God to show His power of healing in our lives that we may be a living example of His goodness and faithfulness. We can also view diseases of any kind as a reminder for us to live a healthy lifestyle. Our diet and lack of exercise may be some of the reasons why our immune system becomes weak and we become prone to diseases. Furthermore, we may have become too busy with our careers and with work that we forget to take care of our health and so we always need to keep ourselves in check and ensure that we are not compromising our health for wealth or any other goal.

In dealing with diseases and every kind of problem or issue, it is important that we put ourselves in the right perspective and refrain from worry or fear instead we must always trust in Jesus Christ that He is always in control of our lives and we must also keep our lives healthy and balanced, taking note of our diet and exercise so that we can live a full and abundant life.

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