Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trip to the Moon

Trip to the Moon was one of the very few movies made in the 1900s. This film was created by Georges Melies about a group of astronomers who decided to explore the moon, encountered a group of aliens in that moon and fortunately, escaped from there and was able to return back to planet Earth.  

If I were present during the first screening of the film, a whiplash of emotions would have been what I felt during that time. Taking into consideration how rare movies are during that time, I would have seen this movie as some sort of breakthrough, not only in the field of science and technology, but also in the industry film. Being able to see humans being transformed into tiny beings into a screen would be something I would have regarded with the amazement and thrill, similar to a child opening his/her gifts in the eve of Christmas. Besides the obvious wow factor this film has, it being something new that time, it also presented interesting and new ideas that crossed on the minds of the creator of the movie.

Having created such a film at that time, I believe that this movie should be regarded as one of the significant events worthy to be noted in the field of science and technology and in the film of industry. Not only did it showed to us how creative the minds of the people are but, how advanced their thinking are. Personally, I believe that it was more than a film intended to entertain the audience, but a medium to impart interesting and intriguing topics which they regarded as possibilities. Needless to say, it reflected how the people at that time think and view the world—borderless, full of wonder and progressive.

Erika Joyce de Luna
2010 - 06190

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